The Early Years

When Bill Blagg was 5 years old he received his first beginner's magic set and his magical journey began. That single magic kit set the stage for what would become a life long love for magic and a desire to become one of magic's biggest stars. With the tricks in his new magic set perfected, Bill's father took him to a professional magic shop in Chicago called Magic, Inc. for his 8th birthday. With a bag full of new tricks to master Bill was without a doubt bit by the magic bug. Every year he would visit Magic Inc. on his birthday with his dad to learn about the latest and greatest tricks in magic. Those tricks eventually formed the foundation for Bill's first performances in front of classmates and teachers at Beulah Park Elementary School in Bill's hometown of Zion, Illinois.

When Bill was in junior high and high school, people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. "I always told them I wanted to be a professional magician," Bill says, "like David Copperfield." People laughed and called Bill's love for magic a phase, something he would grow out of with age. "A lot of people didn't understand how serious I was about making magic a career," he muses. But Bill's parents, family, and close friends knew just how serious he was. For years Bill practiced, rehearsed and created illusions that he knew would entertain and amaze his audiences. By the time he was a senior in high school, Bill's doubters began to take notice.

Getting Started

Bill's first big break occurred in 1998 at the Abbott Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan. He entered the Adult Stage Competition and debuted his now signature effect, The Dancing Hank. Members of the audience, including many magicians, were astounded with Bill's routine. Not only did he give the hank attitude and style, he made the hank dance in ways that were all but impossible! Though countless hours of practice amounted to only 4 minutes of stage time in Colon, Bill turned the magic world on its head by becoming the youngest contestant to win the Adult Stage Competition at Abbott's! In his first major competition, Bill had joined the ranks of his idols. The buzz circulated through the convention and people noted "We'll be seeing that young man in Vegas or on TV in the near future."


Bill insists that though the show is advertised as The Magic of Bill Blagg none of his success would be possible without the dedication of his crew. "I'm very fortunate to have such extreme dedication from these key people," Bill says with a big smile on his face. "Putting together a show is a long process, sometimes it takes over a year, and without the help and support of my crew, none of it would be possible. They're amazing." With College out of the way, where does one find Bill when he's not creating, producing, and practicing magic? "Well, I'm involved in all aspects of the show. There's a lot of things that people don't see, things that go on behind the scenes. There are a lot of meetings, but I love all that." When Bill does have a free minute, he enjoys dinner with friends, maybe a movie and he loves talking with his closest friends. "Just relaxing. That's what I like. So much of my life revolves around my magic that sometimes it's nice to put it all aside and just be with my friends."

The Future

What does the future hold for Bill Blagg? More magic, that's for sure. How can magic still hold Bill's attention after 17 years of dreaming and inventing the next big thing? "I do it to see the smile on people's faces. Seeing their looks of amazement, hearing their laughter, and knowing I'm making a difference in their day, even if it's only for a short period of time. Those are the greatest highlights of being an entertainer and that's why I love it. I want people to come to my show and enjoy every single moment. That's the reason I'm always pushing myself harder, to give people what they want," Bill says.

The future is limitless. With an attitude aimed to please and a talent as large as they come, Bill is truly changing reality one city at a time!